Rev. Denise Nkurunziza: a mother of compassion who offers comfort to others.

Rev. Denise Nkurunziza: a mother of compassion who offers comfort to others.

During the burial of Bishop Professor Elie Alexandre Buconyori one of the prominent spiritual and academic fathers in Burundi, Her Excellency Reverend Denise Nkurunziza was there.

One the same day, the government of Burundi acknowledged the works of Late Buconyori and recorded him among the honoured men who served the Nation in a great way and with integrity.


Begotten by MAYUNZUGURU and BARAYANDEMA, Bishop Elie Alexandre BUCONYORI was born in 1952, Bikingi locality, Nyarusange Commune in Gitega province. He married Mrs. Joy BUTOYI in 1974, and got four children, three sons and one daughter. He also leaves behind three grand-children.

Having graduated with a PhD Degree from Trinity International University of Illinois in the United States of America, Bishop Elie BUCONYORI had also got his Master of Divinity Degree from Nairobi Graduate School of Theology, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and Religion from High Lands University of Kenya after his Secondary studies at “Séminaire Evangélique de l’Afrique Centrale/Evangelical Seminary of Central Africa” of Mweya.

Up to the day of the unexpected death, Bishop Elie BUCONYORI was a genuine Christian, President of the World Conference of the Free Methodist Church. Since 1980 until 2004, late BUCONYORI served as a Free Methodist Church (FMC) Missionary in East Africa namely in Kenya whereby his church planting initiative gave birth to many parishes. In the 2000, he was ordained as Bishop of the General Conference of FMC for the countries of Burundi and Kenya.

Having lived as a man of God, he served in many parishes of the FMC in Burundi. Among the many responsibilities, he also served a Superintendant of the FMC Districts in Kenya, as Director of the Theological Evangelical Institute of Mweya, Director of the Christian Learning Materials Centre, the Executive Secretary of the Commission in charge of Education in the African Evangelical Association (AEA) and also served with Radio CORDAC.

In addition to his pastoral activities and throughout his journey on earth, Bishop Elie Alexandre BUCONYORI was a man of people, a peacemaker, an advocator of justice, committed to promote the well being of his neighbours. He rehabilitated many health centres and hospitals and built a good number of them in Burundi such as those of Rutunga, Muyebe, Nkondo, Burenza, Bugembe, the Van Norman Clinic and Kibuye Hospital just to name a few.

Being the Founder of “Voix d’Espoir Radio”/« Ijwiriremesha », he also established a Primary School named Hope International School which tremendously helped children (refugees) victims of war from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. It was through that philanthropic approach that he got an inspiration to create Secondary and University Programs at the same school.

Being so active in community development activities and initiatives for his country Burundi, Bishop BUCONYORI offered an unforgettable contribution during the Negotiations of Arusha up to the signing of the Peace Agreement. The good works he performed are more than enough to earn him the esteem, respect and decoration by the President of the Republic of Burundi, for “services rendered to the Nation.”

His strong fight against illiteracy allowed him to lecture at several universities in Burundi and Kenya, including Day Star University, African Evangelical University, Pan African University, Hope Africa University, etc.

Until 31st March 2013 when he was deceased, on Easter Day, Bishop Elie Alexandre BUCONYORI was the Chairman of the Inter-University Council of East Africa.

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